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On March 7, 2012, NFCT was one of 85 organizations across the region who urged lawmakers to help meet New England’s economic challenges by investing in the region’s forests, outlining seven critical federal funding opportunities to conserve this vital resource and the green infrastructure it provides.The organizations submitted to Congressional leaders A Policy Agenda for Conserving New England’s Forests.

In August 2011, NFCT released its Trails and Economic Development Report that shares how recreational trails serve as community amenities that attract visitors and new residents, and help build community pride and well-being. Click here for a print version (24 MB).

NFCT is featured in a video entitled Recreation, Tourism, and the Northern Forest, produced cooperatively by the Northeast States Research Cooperative and the Northern Forest Center.  6 minutes.

In June 2009, NFCT completed a Vermont Community Resource Report and a New Hampshire Community Resource Report.   These reports highlight the strengths, gaps, and opportunities for tourism development in Trail communities in these states.  Funding for these reports was made possible by a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant.

In December 2008, the Vermont Tourism Data Center of the University of Vermont (UVM) created a Northern Forest Research page including studies on trends and indicators in the region. 

In 2006, the University of Vermont and NFCT collaborated to produce a Baseline Economic Impact Study of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.