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Adopt-A-Segment Program

Come join the fun community of NFCT Trail Maintainers!

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Trail Maintainers adopt a segment of the NFCT that is between a half-day to a full-day's paddle, or approximately ten miles. Trail Maintainers visit at least twice during the paddling season (preferable spring and fall) to do general upkeep such as:

  • replacing missing or damaged signs
  • clearing portage trails of blowdowns or overgrowth
  • picking up trash
  • maintaining paddler campsites

Trail Maintainers will receive:

  • Annual NFCT Membership
  • NFCT Map that their section is in
  • Trainings
  • Camaraderie with a very unique group of individuals
  • Better understanding of their section of the NFCT

Trail Maintainers are the eyes and ears of their waterway, noticing any damage done by flooding or vandals and reporting the need for large-scale work projects.

We have received 13 donated canoes from Old Town that we will be dispersing to HUBs across the trail.  HUBs are NFCT Hub Logobusinesses or trail partners that are allowing one of our Stewardship Canoes and tools to be stored at their location to be accessed by Trail Maintainers.  HUBs will be located every 50 miles along the NFCT to make accessing these resources easy for our maintainers.

We are currently developing the program and integrating trainings so that maintainers are comfortable with their sections, using the tools, and understand NFCT best practices.  

To see a map showing both the adopted and available segments of the NFCT check out our new NFCT Trail Maintainer Map Tool.

If you have a section that is close to your home, near and dear to your heart, or you just want to help maintain this beautiful resource, contact Walter Opuszynski to get involved.