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The NFCT List

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail recognizes the paddlers listed below for paddling the entire length of our 740-mile water trail! 

Thru-paddlers completed the route as one expedition during one paddling season. Two asterisks (**) denotes the paddler was self-propelled, one asterisk (*) denotes the paddler was integrated (used a shuttle for one or more carries), and no asterisk denotes that the paddler is integrated downstream (combination of at least one shuttle and downstream paddling) or is unverified.

Section-paddlers tackled the Trail as a series of expeditions over two or more seasons.

Links will direct you to paddler blogs so you can read about their Northern Forest Canoe Trail adventures!

We congratulate each and all for a fantastic accomplishment!


Donnie Mullen, 2000 Peter Kick, 2003-04
Nicole Grohoski**, 2006 Robert Hughes, 2005-06
Tom Perkins**, 2006 Bruce Gallop, 2014
Bill DePersis, 2006 Russ Ford, 1995-2015 
Bill Yarosh, 2006 Will Jefferies, 2015 
Alexander Bailey Martin, 2007 Chris Gill, 2008-2015 
Benjamin Reilly, 2007  
Curtis Cratty, 2007  
Steve Cratty, 2007  
Brad Kohler, 2007  
Sara Maits, 2007  
Mariana Du Brul, 2007  
Peter Du Brul, 2007  
Darrin Kimbler, 2007  
Bill Nedderman, 2008   
Eileen McCue, 2008  
William Hafford, 2008  
Luke Shorty, 2008  
Brett Townsend, 2008  
Paul Heintz, 2008  
Jonathan Hancock, 2008  
Andy Boone, 2008  
Adam Boone, 2008  
Sam Brakeley, 2009  
Andy Rougeot, 2009  
Mike Stavola, 2009  
Ryan Thompson, 2010  
Catherine Thompson, 2010  
Alexander Niemela, 2010  
Brian Hart, 2010  
Whitny Hart, 2010  
Nicholas Farrell, 2010  
Arthur Wilke, 2010  
David Porter, 2010  
Kevin Porter, 2010  
Jeff Delorme, 2010  
Mike Delorme, 2010  
Cathy Mumford, 2010  
Evan Tear Haynes, 2011  
Wesley Norton, 2011  
Silas Streeter, 2011  
P. Alex Comeau, 2011  
Justine Jarvis, 2011  
Tom Kiernan, 2011  
Judi Jacobi, 2011  
Walter Jacobi, 2011  
Katina Daanen, 2011  
Russ Collett, 2011  
Jeremy Collett, 2011  
Mike Lynch**,2011  
Skip Ciccarelli**,2011  
Elspeth Ronnander, 2012  
Erik Pieh, 2012  
Emily Johnson, 2012  
Sherry Olsen, 2012  
Arden Olsen, 2012  
Mark Fromm**, 2012  
Bob Tremblay*, 2013  
Michael Hocevar**,2013  
Peter Macfarlane**,2013  
Brian Quarrier**,2013  
Alexandra Miller**,2013  
James Townsend*, 2014  
Don Potter**, 2014  
Marilyn McEwan**, 2014  
Geoffrey Welch*, 2014  
Valerie Welch*, 2014  
Beth Whalon**, 2014  
Paul Whalon**, 2014  
Abby Rockefeller*, 2014  
Jordan Cerna*, 2014  
Dan Brown, 2014  
Jeff Loustaunau, 2014  
Patrick McCauley**, 2015  
Julie McCauley**, 2015  
Gabrielle Bognet**, 2015  
Brice Bognet**, 2015  
Malo Bognet**, 2015  
Michael Frederick*, 2015  
Robert DiMaio*, 2015  
Chris Burnham**, 2015  
Jim Sausville**, 2015  
Michael Peabody**,2015  
Nick Gowens**, 2015  
John Mautner**, 2015  
Laurie Chandler**, 2015  
Mack Truax**, 2015   

This list is comprised of thru- and section-paddlers who have completed and submitted a Recognition Application. The list does not represent all paddlers who have thru-paddled or section-paddled the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.