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Thru & Section Paddler Recognition

Definitions for Northern Forest Canoe Trail
Thru-paddler & Section-paddler Recognition Categories

Thru-paddlers paddle the entire trail as one expedition, during a single season. Thru-paddlers will be designated into one of the following three categories:

Self-Propelled Paddlers are those who complete the entire 740 miles in one direction using their own power to paddle, pole, and portage. Leaving the trail via other means of travel for lodging, shopping, or other reasons will not count against the self-propelled paddler as long as they return to the same spot to continue the journey on the trail. Consideration for deviations to this definition will be given to safety, inclement weather, and extreme low water. Self-Propelled Paddlers are designated with a double asterisk (**) on the Thru-paddlers List.

Integrated Paddlers are those who paddle the NFCT as one expedition during a single season in one direction and use a shuttle for one or more of the carries, not to exceed 10% of the total trail distance (74 miles). Integrated Paddlers are designated with a single asterisk (*).

Integrated “Downstream” Paddlers are those who paddle the NFCT as one expedition, during a single season, reversing direction on one or more rivers to increase downstream miles. There will be no mark to designate this category.

Section-paddlers paddle the entire NFCT as a series of two or more expeditions, over the course of multiple paddle seasons. Please note that while we happily cheer section paddlers along the way and over the years, we do not confer recognition until completion of the entire Trail.

What to do to be recognized as a Thru-paddler or Section-paddler:

We hope you'll feel that the challenge was in the paddling, not in the process of gaining recognition!  Applications are reviewed on an annual cycle and are due by November. Names are added to the NFCT List, and certificates mailed by the end of January. 

The above categories went into effect for the 2013 paddle season. Apply for recognition using the “NFCT Recognition Application and Feedback Form”.  The form is available in a two formats:

Fillable Document (to be sent in as an attachment)

PDF (to print and mail to the NFCT office)

If you need extra NFCT Travel Logs, follow this link.

All paddlers on the “NFCT List” prior to 2013 will remain on the list without category designation. Paddlers designated as NFCT Thru-paddlers prior to 2013 can fill out and return the current “NFCT Paddler Recognition Application” to be considered as either a Self-propelled Thru-paddler or Integrated Thru-paddler.

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