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Border Crossing

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail crosses the international border with Canada in two places: on theNFCT paddlers cross the US-Canada border. Missisquoi River in East Richford, VT and on Lake Memphremagog in Leadville, QC. NFCT maps provide explicit directions about how to find the border patrol stations in order to check-in. With proper documentation and with knowledge of when border crossing stations are open, paddling across the US-Canada border is pretty straightforward.

1. Have needed documentation to cross the US-Canada border. Get information at Homeland Security - Crossing U.S. Borders and Canada Border Services Agency. If your itinerary includes portages, be sure to keep your ID information on your person during any back-n-forth travel when moving your boat and gear.

2. Know when the border patrol crossing stations are open and plan accordingly. If entering Canada at East Richford/Glen Sutton on the Missisquoi River, one must report to the Canadian Port which is only open 8am-4pm. Plan accordingly. As of October 2016, the US border stations in Richford, VT and the videophone at Newport Station, VT are accessable 24/7. We advise you to cross the border during daylight hours for safety reasons and to avoid being stopped for suspicious nighttime activity.   

 3. Use Northern Forest Canoe Trail maps for peace of mind. NFCT maps provide details from a paddlers perspective on the water. For the East Richford crossing use NFCT Map 5 Upper Missisquoi Valley, and for the Lake Memphremagog crossing use NFCT Map 6 Northeast Kingdom