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NFCT Trail Towns - Where it all comes together!

NFCT Trail Towns are trailside and gateway communities that are true recreational destinations.  They understand their recreational assets (trails, resources such as mountains or bodies of water, good roads for biking, and more) as drivers for economic and community well being linked to active relationships between people and the outdoors. 

NFCT’s Trail Town Initiative is not a new program but rather a 2.0 version of the successful community-based program work we have been implementing for a number of years.

Every community along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail has the potential to be a thriving Trail Town.  As we get this exciting initiative off the ground, we are focusing on four pilot communities, one per state:

Old Forge, New York

  • Old Forge is where the western terminus of the NFCT route is located, and is a community with a strong-orientation toward paddling.  Every September, the weekend after Labor Day, the community is transformed by the arrival of the historic Adirondack Canoe Classic race, which starts in Old Forge.  For the rest of the year, a steady stream of paddlers enjoy the mellow waters and excellent access to lodging and food that the Fulton Chain of Lakes provides.
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Richford, Vermont

  • Located just south of the Canadian border, Richford is a small town with a big vision.  Richford has experienced it's share of hard times, but the spirit and commitment of the Town is quite remarkable.  Currently, the Town is working to develop a new riverside park in the downtown area, including a canoe access and an extension of the Mississquoi Rail Trail that extends all the way to St. Albans.  Visitors to Richford also have access to hiking in the Green Mountains, biking on some of the favorite state highways of local riders, and just enjoying the beauty of the pastoral landscape.
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Errol-Berlin Corridor, New Hampshire

  • The mighty Androscoggin flows south through wild and beautiful country between the Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and the former mill town of Berlin.  This stretch of river has long been a prized stretch for Northeast paddlers, and it is gaining new focus as one of Coos County's "Grand Adventures," and also as Berlin in particular reinvents itself around the recreational aspects of the river.  Visitors to the area are rewarded with spectacular wildness and remoteness, including regular moose sitings, as well as great outfitters and rustic lodging options.
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Stratton-Eustis, Maine

  • Imagine, if you will, a small community tucked into a bay on the western end of a vast lake.  Rimming the lake's southern shore is a striking, inviting mountain ridgeline that beckons hikers to explore.  Beneath the lake's surface is a flood of history, that can be skimmed by boaters of all stripes, and absorbed via a thoughtfully created map guide.  Traversing the eastern end of the lake is the Northeasts premier hut system, providing rustic elegance for paddlers, hikers, skiers, and bikers.  This is Stratton-Eustis on the shores of Flagstaff Lake, a dammed section of the Dead River, defined by the Bigelow Range.  The Northern Forest Canoe Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the Benedict Arnold Trail, and Maine Huts and Trails all converge at this one amazing lake.  Do we love it?  Yup.  And we know you will, too.
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