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northern forest canoe trail
Northern Forest Canoe Trail

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Nulhegan River: Nulhegan Pond to Wenlock Crossing (view in map)

Vermont's most wild river, the Nulhegan drains a vast boreal forest of productive timber lands and wildlife rich wetlands. While the lower stretches of the river require whitewater skills and highwater to paddle, the stretch from Wenlock Pond to Wenlock Crossing is a good choice for those seeking a quiet meandering waters. Keep your eyes open for moose!

  • NFCT Section: Map 6
  • Trip Duration: 3-4 hours 
  • Miles: 7.1 miles
  • Portages: None. Beavers often build dams along this stretch that may require dragging over.
  • Hazards: Tight turns requre good boat manuevring skills
  • Put in: Nulhegan Pond
  • Take out: Wenlock Crossing


Nulhegan Pond