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I’m thinking of starting around the 3rd week of June 2018 (hopefully) after the black flies but while there’s (hopefully) still water.  I have some unbreakable commitments in May and I’m concerned that if I leave later, I’ll be dragging my kayak along shallow river beds.   I welcome your thoughts and suggestions…

While figuring out how to portage a kayak and gear is on my mind, the largest safety issue I’m concerned about is misjudging my location and accidentally entering class 3+ whitewater   .  I’m a skilled paddler but have a healthy respect for the power of a river and the need to scout especially when I’m paddling solo.  Were the tougher drops well marked or obvious? I’ll have maps and the through paddler’s companion but want to be careful.

I am very excited about the trip and planning for it.  Can’t wait to start this journey.

– Dave