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Last year there were five of us. . .three in one canoe, two in another. We started section 1 about 9:30 AM or so on a Friday. Were at the takeout at the end around 11:00 AM sunday. We stayed at eighth lake campground and at the state park campground on Forked Lake. This was May 17, 18, 19. First night temps were in the low 30’s. No bugs that Friday. Warmed up a lot Saturday and the black flies came in thick Saturday night at Forked lake. Had to wait to eat dinner until well after dark as we could not get out of our bug nets. Sunday we made great time as we got a ride on a group with an empty canoe trailer for the last portgage. Bugs were out, but manageable. As said before, we were disappointed only in the state parks. Most of the bathhouses were not even open and only one ranger available at each park. A lot of maintenance needed on those parks. Should have gone with the lean toos.

We have always opted for colder temps if it meant fewer bugs. Probably go the same time this spring. Are sections 2 and 3 doable in a three day trip? Where would you camp if you were doing both sections? We are used to moving water and rapids here in KY so that won’t be an issue. Also used to cold temps (lot of Boundary Waters trips).

for those that suggested eating places along section 1. . .big thanks!. the guys said that was a highlight of the trip to get to meet local people and check out the small towns along the way.