Re: Bounce Box?


From Through Paddler Justine Jarvis:
We had 22 food boxes , many of which we bumped half ahead when we hiked the appalacian trail. But on the N.F.C.T. we only did one food box. A 13 day supply of food delivered to Rockwood on Moosehead lake. Because too much to resupply at Rockwood store. And not much resupply places after that.The Rockwood Post office was very understanding. Mark your boxes “Hold for Northern Forest Canoe trail paddler” with an estimated pick up date and I think most PO will have your stuff waiting when you get there. I hope you do use this method as the more places that know about the trail and thru canoers, the easier it will be for paddlers who follow in our footsteps. Please email me anytime if you have any more questions. ps before we left I wrote all the post office zip codes for all trail towns in my guide book….way easier to do ahead of time. Remeber also that mail travels slow in back country areas.
ps….do not rely on any iphone service anywhere along the trail for info….when you need it most….you won’t have service. The oldfashioned way of pencil & paper in waterproof envelope is always the best method in the back counrty….GOOD LUCK, we wish you well.