Re: Bounce Box?


I think that we did 4 drop boxes for the whole trip. I rarely did this on the AT, but it came in handy on the NFCT. Can’t remember all of them, but North Stratford, NH and Stratton, ME were a couple of them. Almost all post offices will accept general delivery packages and hold them for 30 days. Sending parcel post will save you money if you plan ahead. If you send it priority mail though, you can “bounce” the box once for free if it is unopened, i.e. if you get there before you’re package and have to move on due to your schedule. We had to do this with our first drop box. Just make sure to label your box for general delivery with something along the lines of “Please hold for NFCT thru-paddler.” The P.O. in Stratton, ME is especially used to this, as they are an AT trail town as well and get gobs of packages for hikers. Be sure and stay in the hostel there and hang out with the thru-hikers for a bit.

Arthur Wilke
NFCT thru-paddler ’10