Re: Cooking stoves and fuel


I’ve sometimes been able to buy white gas/ ‘Coleman fuel’ in one liter cans, but more often you will see it in one gallon cans. I made a phone call to the big hardware store in Enosburg Falls (convenient to the Missisquoi River two weeks or so into your trip) – they only sell it by the gallon. $14.99 per gallon. I have not owned a cartridge stove in 30 years, so I do not have experience with availability of cartridges. L.L. Cote’s is a big north country sporting goods store in Errol, New Hampshire, at the top of the Androscoggin River. You could contact them on line to ask what they stock. Errol is more or less half way along the trail I think, in terms of travel days. Maybe slightly further. Other good bets for re-supply for stove fuel would be Hero’s Welcome General Store (Lake Champlain), the Pick and Shovel Hardware (Newport, Vermont, on Lake Memphremagog), Ecopelagicon (Rangely, Maine), and the town of Jackman, Maine. After Jackman and Rockwood there are almost no retail services until you get to Allagash Village and Fort Kent – you can often find cold beer along the Northeast Carry, and cold root beer at Chesuncook Village, but I think that’s it. I bet a traveler with the right personality could buy the gallon can, refill a couple of liter fuel bottles, and give the rest away.

Mountain Man in Old Forge, and St Regis Canoe Outfitters in Saranac lake are both excellent full-service outfitters oriented to canoe trippers, convenient to the early sections of the trail.

The U.S. Transportation Safety Agency has rules limiting what can travel on commercial flights. I use an MSR stove that uses a separate fuel bottle. When I have flown to the Western US for river trips I have flown with the stove and either a new fuel bottle that has never been filled, or i have purchased a new one out west and given it away at the end of the trip. So be aware of that if you plan to fly within the US with your current gas stove.

Fires are generally allowed within existing fire rings at any of the official, organized and regulated campsites within the Adirondack Park, between Umbagog and Rangeley, and on North Maine Woods land and along the Allagash waterway, east of Moosehead Lake. Campsite reservations are recommended on the Saranac Lakes (really popular area to camp), and I think you are asked to register in advance for Spencer Lake. Along many parts of the trail there are options for discreet, Leave-No-Trace stealth camping, too.