Re: Cooking stoves and fuel


Thank you Kalmia for all the information. I had already made notes on where to buy food but not yet for fuel. You have done my homework for me.

We had already made contact with Mountain Man and St Regis Outfitters both of whom were extremely helpful. We have actually purchased a boat from Mountain Man which is now lying under the snow I believe awaiting our arrival in June!

We have flown with our stove on several occasions without problems – we burn off the fuel some time before departure and leave the stove out in the sun to let all traces of fuel evaporate. If we are unlucky it could be taken off us at Schiphol and we would need to buy another. We are flying to Boston and then a one-way rental with a car to Utica and then taxi to Old Forge.

I bet a traveler with the right personality could buy the gallon can, refill a couple of liter fuel bottles, and give the rest away.

– we’ve done that before!

Sweeper – thanks for the tip to get us started although along the trail I do not think we will find a Walmart within walking distance.