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we are in final stages of laying out our trip. Arrive at Old Forge on Thursday, May 16 and stay in the Old Forge campground that night. Friday we plan to push off shortly after daylight and paddle through to Eighth Lake Campground . Will probably try to stop for lunch at Daikers on the way. Saturday, leave after daylight and paddle through to Forked Lake Campground. Sunday we are anticipating arrive at take out at Long lake sometime before noon.

Any suggestions on this? We will be taking hammocks and tents. Any suggestions on sites at these two campgrounds? I am having a little trouble booking a site on line as they keep popping up as two night minimums.

also, regarding a shuttle. We need someone to follow us to the takeout at Long Lake on Thursday, and drive us back to the campground. No gear. . .just one guy from our group. We are getting shuttle fee bids in the $165 range. Seem really high considering they are not transporting any kind of gear and don’t need a van. Any suggestions on this?