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Bill Manning

@Little Bug 339 wrote:

First of all, I must say that along this trip so far, Aaron and I have been meeting some awesome people!! Most of them don’t know much, if anything, about this trail even existing – which is a lot of fun to be able to spread the news about the NFCT – BUT the other day, we happened upon the Northern Forest Canoe Trail Farmstand, and found some people that need to be put on the maps! Bill and Pat are avid canoeists, but most of their time is spent in their gardens! Their farmstand is located at the 10 mile square road access along the Clyde River, just outside Island Pond, VT, where they have a variety of fresh organic produce, and a freezer full of ice cream!! They are a part of WWOOF (World Wide Opportunites on Organic Farms), so are willing to take in paddlers that need a break from their trip in exchange for some help with the plants, and also have a river house down by the fen that they’ll rent out at a discounted price to thru-paddlers!
I really enjoyed the nice surprise of finding this place, but I think it would be a shame for any paddler to miss out on this farmstand or the opportunity of meeting Bill and Pat!

How are you and Aaron doing on the trail? Right after you left Island Pond, I went by the farmstand and two through paddlers Marilyn and her husband were buying ice cream.