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Great photos Walter, I’m headed up to Lake Placid next week to pick up a new boat and if the weather holds two of us are going to Axton Landing and paddling to the lower falls then portaging and paddling on to the Cold River and back. Then up Stony Creek before going back to Axton for the ride home. The photos made the carry look interesting but since we’ll be leaving most of our camping equipment behind at the lower falls when we do the carry (portage) it should be an adventure instead of a killer. Need to do this section of the trail before continuing to head Northeast. Hoping to run into the caretaker (never could remember his official title) Gary Valentine for this section of the river if he’s there. Love to see what strip boat he’s built over this winter – he’s definately a craftsman.

PS: If you haven’t read the book Axton Landing by Tony Holtzman it’s a great read.