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Thanks for the replies. My 16′ Kipawa is two tone blue & white with wood gunwales, sliding bow seat, wood yoke etc. I bought it when my kids were small and couldn’t help me get a heavy boat onto the top of the car. The Kip at 52 lbs (advertised weight) solved the problem. They are now adults and getting any canoe on the car is not a problem. A 16′ royalex Penobscot was advertised at 58 lbs – only 6 lbs heavier. The advantage of royalex over Kevlar for sliding over rocks is well known and is likely worthwhile. This presumes of course that the carrying capacity/volume is similar between the two boats. If memory serves correctly I bought the Kip new for about $1600. I have kept it in perfect shape and it is likely still worth that much judging by what a new one costs today. After a through trip on the NFCT it will certainly drop in value, so much so that I might as well buy a used Penobscot and have two boats!