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@Chris Gill 301 wrote:

a) A good guess would be that you will have plenty of water on the Saranac, perhaps too much. The 2 feet of snow predicted for tomorrow won’t help. I would plan on maybe having to do some long carrys if the water is too high, bring good wheels. The Saranac is generaly pretty high into June, last spring we had snow over memorial day (last weekend in May)and had to cancel our trip on the lower river. There is the possibility you will have perfect levels, I doubt it will be to low. I can give you more detail on what sections you can still paddle in high water if you want them.
b) The odds of having lots of bugs in mid June is about 98%
c) The water will be cold in June, dress appropriately, hopefully you will have warm weather.
Bugs will happen about 4 weeks after ice-out depending on the weather. When you get to Saranac lake stop at Rauette River Outfitters and ask about current conditions on the river, they are very knowledgable and friendly.

Or St. Regis Outfitters. They are right along the river. They also have a shower you can use as a Through-Paddler, and will stash your boat and gear while you are in town.