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    I am just one, of a core group of 5 paddlers who have been section paddling since ’06. The last remaining segments we have are, Long Lake, N.Y. to Saranac Village, N.Y., also, Nulheagan to Conn. river, then, (downriver) Stark to Groveton, Upper Ammonusuc. A short segment, from Depot Rd. Moose river to Rockwood.
    And then in late 2013 the final 150 mile trip from Umbazooksus lake to Ft. Kent.
    The segment from Saranac Village, down the Saranac river to Plattsburg was probably the most difficult in number of portages.
    Each one of us has over 20-30 years canoe camping and river travel. It’s been a great journey. I’ve joked all along that my personal record for the NFCT will be the ‘heaviest’ (290+lb.) paddler to complete the trail. That’s a NFCT record that should stick around awhile !
    Can’t wait to share stories. 🙂

    Chris Gill

    And the Blog is great

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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