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    So does anybody keep track of the fastest known time for completing the entire NFCT?

    I’d like to know if anyone has gone faster than my wife and our friend did in 2012 (21 days, 4 hours). (if I may brag a little)

    I’ll define a thru paddle as traveling the approximate route shown on the map between Old Forge and Fort Kent and not using motorized transportation to make forward progress. Travelers may choose to paddle or portage any section, depending on their skills, equipment and conditions. Portage wheels are allowed, food can be purchased along the way or shipped in advance, and camping out every night is not required.

    I don’t want to make this wilderness trail into a race, and very much enjoyed my journey on the trail.
    Anybody faster out there?



    Dunno, it took me about 21 years to complete the trail, piece by piece. So far as I know that makes me the holder of the record for the slowest time to paddle the whole trail! – K


    Erik: As far as I know, you three are the fastest reported team to date. I reference you as 21 days, 3 hours and 45 minutes in my through-paddler guidebook. There have been a few very fast kayakers, including Mack Truax’s trip this year, but I think Skip Ciccarelli still is the fastest at 25 days.


    Hi Erik,

    My solo trip earlier this year tied Skip Ciccarelli at 25 days, but your wife and friend beat that time. I’m looking to do the trip again in 2016, probably slower than faster.

    Mack Truax


    Took you 21 years because you were out helping paddlers like me find their lost maps………I still owe you one.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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