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    Little Bug

    …I currently live and work in Northern Arizona, and really have no need to own most of the gear that I’m trying to accumulate for my thru-paddle!
    With that said, I’m looking for kind, generous folks who may be interested in letting me borrow or ‘rent’ (or cheaply sell) their extra gear for my trip! I plan on being back east by the 3rd week of June – in the PA area – and should be paddling by late June/early July.
    I still pretty much need everything! From canoe, to paddles, to wheels, to pole, to ropes, to straps… !
    Are you or anyone you know willing to help me out in anyway?
    ~little bug


    Boats can take a beating on the rivers some borrowing one could be problematic–especially for an entire summer. You may be able to buy a used one in NY and then try to sell it in Fort Kent, but there’s not a huge market there. A few other paddlers have tried or given their canoes away at the end of the trip.

    A cart will be essential paddling this late in the summer. Expect some rivers to be low and the possibility of additional portaging high.


    What might be possible up in Maine…to make connection/payment for rental @some northern Maine outfitter…have them drive it to a location on said date where you’d pick up and paddle up to Fort Kent/wherever outfitter’s front door….
    More than a few outfitters who rent out…will have area around shop for after hours return…
    *Think better idea would be kdaanen’s idea..get a comfortable boat to paddle/haul and just put it up at most northerly shop for consignment.

    Ditto on the cart as well and/or pick up a comfortable(as possible) yoke…or quarterback shoulder pads(if cheap) = makes for a comfy portage when/if needed. Might have to eat a little on the price of canoe when trying to sell but forsale websites in US and MEC covers Canada = any New Brunswick paddlers it’s an easy pickup. $.01


    Little Bug

    Sorry I never got around to thanking you guys for giving advice on my trip… I found a great canoe on Craigslist NY… this trip has really been awesome so far! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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