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    Me and a buddy are going to be through paddling this spring. Any tips on the best way to either get us and our kayaks back to Old Forge, or how to get our vehicle ported to Fort Kent? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of good options.



    Well… you could hire me to drop you off and pick you up in your car! But seriously, there’s a real lack of public transit options to either of these places. When I through-paddled the trail, we had friends drive us from Maine (our home) to Old Forge and then again to be picked up in Fort Kent. Your best bet might be to find a buddy who likes road trips (depending on where you’re coming from of course). Leaving your car unattended in either of these places for a few weeks might not be the best idea, though I’m not basing that on experience. Good luck! For the right price you can always get someone to shuttle you around…


    You could also think about doing a post-paddle hitch-hiking adventure. I know two thru-paddlers who made their way home thumbing it after their trip two years ago – not the quickest means of transport but certainly free. They had a good time. Would require you having an easy means of attaching your kayaks to the roof/truck bed of any car that stopped for you.


    I’m thru-paddling with my wife and one of our friends this June, and we have the very same problem.

    If anyone is willing to transport us, our gear, and our 20′ long canoe back to Old Forge, or transport our car to Fort Kent, we would pay you.
    It is hard to know exactly how long our trip will take, but we are planning to start on May 30 or 31, and be done around June 28.

    The best option we have so far is to pay a commercial auto shipping service about $500 to move the car (

    A second option is to rent a one way U-haul truck in Fort Kent and drive it back(can’t take the sortcut thru Canada in a rental). I think that would cost about $800 between fuel and rental.

    One more option is to keep paddling downstream until you get to a bigger town; the river gets bigger and more industrial, and I don’t know what the camping options are, but you could keep going all the way to the ocean, at Saint John, and they have more transportation options.

    I hope that helps, and if anyone is willing to help us make the shuttle, you can reply or call me at 612-385-7274.


    Team Moxie

    (We live in southern Maine) We thru paddled last year and we asked a family drive us to Old Forge. Then we rented a uhaul in Ft Kent to get us home. It’s the only one way option we could find.)


    We thru paddled in summer 2010 and got dropped off by family in Old Forge then rented a UHaul from a small hardware store in Fort Kent. If you do go the UHaul route- I would suggest getting the store phone number and calling in a week or so in advance to request the vehicle size you need. We had two guys and 4 17ft kayaks hanging out the back of a 10ft box truck for the drive back to Boston as it was the only one available. Pretty hilarious, but maybe not recommended.


    We looked into the UHaul option, but ended up hiring the Allagash Outfitters to port our car for us. For $700 (including all fuel), they’ll take a bus to Old Forge and drive you car up. That ends up being the same or cheaper than the UHaul, and certainly easier. Can’t vouch for them 100% until we see our car at the end, but Russ has been good so far. Their number is 207-398-3277.

    We hit the trail tomorrow…


    South Beach Transport gave me a quote of $500 to move my car from Old Forge to Fort Kent over a month ago, but when I called them today to confirm the details, they looked at the map and decided they were not interested in moving my car anymore.

    So my car shuttle plans have fallen through with two weeks to go. Anybody want to move my car for $500? pickup could be in Rochester NY also.


    We are on the trail now, one week to Enosburgh Falls. We got our car shuttle figured out now. The plan is to pay an outfitter in Ft Kent about $350 for a ride to Bangor. In Bangor there are several car rental agencies that have one-way rentals, so we’ll get a car and drive home.

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