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    and just in time for the 2014 paddling season. The first comprehensive resource that guides paddlers from the first put-in to the last take-out on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

    Available now through CreateSpace @

    The Through-Paddler’s Companion documents navigating the Trail in its entirety-west to east from the perspective and unique needs of an expedition paddler or anyone looking for more detailed information while following the official NFCT maps. It provides comprehensive and tactical advice about specific water bodies, including upstream paddling directions, portage (or carry) descriptions and distances, and mileage markers, while offering suggestions for ordinary, yet sometimes elusive matters, such as where one might spend the night.

    The “Companion” guidebook includes:
    – 36 consecutive segment descriptions documenting the entire Trail including 160-plus miles of upstream paddling
    – 20 illustrated maps highlighting challenging trail sections
    – Details about every portage (or carry) with recommendations about how “wheelable” each may be
    – Statistics about average paddle times
    – Tips for planning daily mileage goals
    – Lists of services found along the Trail


    I ordered my copy the moment it was announced. I’m really looking forward to seeing it. My through paddle begins June 15th!

    Little Bug

    Sweet! I was about to ask if there was some sort of data book for this trail… So does this give mileages between resupply towns?


    It shows what kinds of services are available in trail resupply towns, populations of each town, how far away from the NFCT kiosk or other take-out point they are located, address, websites and/or phone numbers, but I did not include hours of operation as those can quickly change and date the material (or worse, mislead the reader.) I did not include distances between the towns–which is an interesting question. I’m sure I overlooked things and welcome feedback from anyone who uses it!


    Good luck on your through paddle 50LittleBirds! I know of another couple launching around the 15th too.


    Little Bug – Do you have the set of NFCT trail maps? That will let you figure your on-the-water distances. – K


    My copy of the Through-Paddlers Guide arrived today – thanks to CreateSpace and DHL it travelled across the pond in 2 days.
    Just quickly browsed but it seems to be a great source of information – cancels out all the time I have spent last winter googling resources!:)


    Kdaanen- 1) I’ve been in touch with them. We’re hoping to cross paths. 2) The book is fantastic! You’ve answered a lot of questions and really raised my confidence level. Thank you!


    kdaanen…looks like a terrific resource, especially through the “down zones” for the 24×7 net-phobes.


    Just finished my through paddle trip from May 20, to June 13, 2015. Katina’s companion guide is a MUST have resource to have with you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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