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    This thread can be used to discuss the Raquette Falls WWT. Those who are signed up can discuss car pooling, gear sharing, or any other topics that would be helpful.


    Hello all

    Well I did the first section of the trail last September and I must say it was fascinating.

    I am looking forward to doing the second section thsi September

    hoping to see some posts here on the condition of the Raquette Falls portage.

    I have read that some people say after the first hill it is wheelable, and others say it is not.

    Looking forward to some pointers



    Hello Don,
    To prepare for this year’s project I took a lot of pictures of some of the worst spots along the carry. If you review this document you will get a better idea of what to expect:
    Raquette Falls Carry Comprehensive Trail Improvement Proposal

    Have fun paddling out there, hope to see you on the trail.


    Thanks Walter

    GREAT JOB WITH THE PHOTOS and the work you all have done.

    I wish I lived closer as I would certainly donate some time to assist with the work everyone does.

    I can tell by the pics that some is wheelable and some definately not. Either way it looks like a couple hours to portage assuming two trips.

    Many thanks again



    Great photos Walter, I’m headed up to Lake Placid next week to pick up a new boat and if the weather holds two of us are going to Axton Landing and paddling to the lower falls then portaging and paddling on to the Cold River and back. Then up Stony Creek before going back to Axton for the ride home. The photos made the carry look interesting but since we’ll be leaving most of our camping equipment behind at the lower falls when we do the carry (portage) it should be an adventure instead of a killer. Need to do this section of the trail before continuing to head Northeast. Hoping to run into the caretaker (never could remember his official title) Gary Valentine for this section of the river if he’s there. Love to see what strip boat he’s built over this winter – he’s definately a craftsman.

    PS: If you haven’t read the book Axton Landing by Tony Holtzman it’s a great read.



    Hello Ray,
    That’s the second recommendation I’ve gotten for Axton Landing, so it is definitely on my list. Is it fiction? Sounds like a fun trip and the weather looks like it should be good next week too. Let us know how it goes. I’ve yet to meet Gary, but I’m sure I will soon with the WWT there this season. If you see him tell him we are all looking forward to working on that carry.


    Walter, The book Axton Landing is fiction but uses the history of Corey’s, Axe Town (Axton) and Saranac Lake to tell a story based on the role lumbering and the Adirondack rivers and lakes played in peoples lives in the mid to late 1800’s. If you have been to the area, you will be able to visualize different places as you read the story.

    I’ll say hello to Gary for you if he is there when we get to the Raquette Falls Carry.


    We carried everything on this portage, but for some reason, it didn’t feel as long as the mileage indicates, even with the steep uphill part right at the beginning. The landing was a bit tight when we arrived and there were four other canoes parked there ahead of us. We arrived at the first lean-to just as a storm was hitting. I thought we had another 1/2 mile or so yet to go, based on where the symbol is indicated on the map, but it we were just about at the put-in. This portage was very similar to what you experience in the BWCA–actually what I generally expected! The Rapids River Carry Road on maps 8 and 9 are similarly as boney. Sort of wheelable in places (or enough to tease you), but very rocky until you get closer to Forest Home.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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