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    Anyone who checks in on my blog ( has probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything this year, and for good reason…I haven’t beeon out on the trail yet! Not happy about that, but it has been one of those years. It looks like I won’t be able to visit a new section this year until September.

    But all is not lost! My wife and I will be introducing another couple to the joys and challenges of canoe-camping, and since we want to make a good impression on them, we are taking them along the NFCT from Lobster Lake to Chesuncook Lake with side trips (of course) into Lobster Lake, and up Caucogomoc Stream. This is my third time down this excellent stretch, and my wife’s second…although neither of us has ventured up Caucogmomc, so that is something new to look forward to.

    So if anyone reading this is going to be in that area from August 19 through the 24th, keep an eye out for us and stop by to say Hi!



    Well, we had a fantastic trip, but I don’t know where we were. It certainly wasn’t Maine. There was hardly any rain all week, no wind on the lakes at all, and no bugs. That’s right…NO bugs. I counted 5 mosquitoes all week, and they seemed lost. We saw plenty of moose, deer, eagles and loons, and a lot of other wildlife. It was like the Disneyland version of Maine.

    One trail update to be aware of…looks like the path from Boom House campsite to Chesuncook Village is no longer. The area has been logged, and the trail is easy to lose now. Best bet is to wander around looking for a skidder trail, follow it out to a gravel road, and head in the general direction of the village…you’ll eventually get there.



    Chuck, thanks for the update. Glad you had a good trip and thanks for sharing the details. I will add your findings to the “Trail Updates” section of the NFCT website.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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