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    Hi all,

    My brother and I are planning a trip in July to complete the entire Maine portion of the trail. Does anyone have any advice on how to co-ordinate a shuttle between the put in in Errol and the take-out in Fort Kent? It seems pretty long for a single commercial shuttle service, so I was thinking we might be able to string together a few different shuttle services…has anybody attempted this before? Any other ideas are welcome as well.


    I used Susan from the Stratton Motel for a two shuttles: Dropping us off in Errol and leaving our car in Stratton, and then she picked up a friend of mine at the Bangor Airport and dropped her back in Stratton to pick up my car and meet me farther along the trail. It wasn’t cheap, but it got my car from point D to point E for me.

    Pelletiers near Fort Kent, shuttles cars into the Allagash.

    Good luck.


    Hi Wondering if the OP tried the suggestion, or figured something else out?

    I was about 200 miles into a solo through paddle when all the rain hit on me on the upstream sections near Eusonburg Falls. The water was too high for me and so I decided to call it quits as I didn’t feel like wheeling my way through the rest of vermont and NH. Also, I live in Montreal, only about 75 minutes from where I was.

    But I’m heading into Maine because that’s the part I wanted to do anyway. I’m looking for a service that will pick my car up from around jackman and have it waiting in Fort Kent. I know some outfitters do this for shorter sections, i.e. the Allagash trip, but does anyone know if they do it for longer sections?


    Tom The water levels on the Missisquoi were pretty wild last weekend! If you call outfitters about the Jackman to Fort Kent shuttle let us know what you find out. You might save some money if you were able to pick up your shuttle driver in Fort Kent/ Allagash Village, drive to your put in, and have that person drive your car back – rather than the shuttle service having to send a car and two drivers to Jackman to pick yours up. Sometimes people end up hiring a floatplane for some of the shuttles in northern Maine. Happy paddling! – Kalmia


    Hello Tom,
    Any luck coordinating a shuttle? One idea may be piecing together a variety of shuttle services across the Trail. We have a number of shuttle services/guides/outfitters that have a certain territory. They can be found on the “Plan a Trip” section of the NFCT website ( and on the NFCT Trip Planner Map Tool. You may be able to get passed off like a baton. It is a little more complicated and I’m not sure if it would save you any money, but may be one option to look into.

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