A Thanksgiving Toast

A week later, as I am still digesting the last of the turkey and shaking off the dust of a tryptophan haze, it is obvious to me that there is a lot to be thankful for here at the NFCT.  Looking back at this past season I am amazed at all of the people that enabled our field efforts to be successful; from people that gave to the Trail Fund (our driving force for field activities), to corporate sponsors, to Waterway Work Trip volunteers.  Here are a few highlights:

Old Town Canoe

This company donated 14 canoes (Penobscot and Appalachian) to our field activities.  We are working on a plan to have a canoe located every 50 miles on the trail to facilitate access and use by our Trail Maintainers.  These have also been the canoes that our interns have used time and time again to transport materials and access work sites.  Thank you Old Town!


Thank you for keeping our volunteers dry.  From the River Wing tarp to the NRS Access Duffle-Dry Bag, a huge help! 

Adirondack Watershed Alliance

This organization puts on the 90-miler in the Adirondacks, the premier long distance water race on the NFCT.  They have helped us expand our Stewardship Intern program to include two interns devoted to the Trail in New York. 

Goodridge Lumber, Inc

A family run sawmill in Albany, VT that concentrates in cedar milling.  We needed a variety of cedar for various projects in Vermont and New Hampshire and I am glad we contacted these folks.  Colleen helped out to make sure we had just what we needed and on top of it she donated some of the materials and gave us 10% off because she wanted to help support our cause.  Thanks Colleen!

Brian and Kathy from our Franklin Falls WWT

Brian and Kathy purchased and donated a top of the line Dutch Oven to our program drastically improving the crust on our brownies! 

Peregrine Outfitters, Inc

Donated a Magellan hand held GPS unit to help with our field activities.  This will certainly come in handy as we are developing our Long Range Management Plan.


Gave corporate donations of outdoor wear for our field activities.

Home Depot

Home Depot of Williston Vermont donated $150 of material to the moldering privy that we installed on the Connecticut River.  

Local Kiosk Committees

This year we installed kiosks in

  • Plattsburgh, New York
  • Enosburg Falls, Vermont
  • Island Pond, Vermont

Kiosk efforts were driven by local kiosk committees.  These committees were made up of people who are local community members that really care about where they live and support the NFCT.   It is thelove they have for their communities that has made each kiosk unique and special.

I guess this blog is as close as it gets to sitting around with my NFCT family and saying “thanks”, but I just want everyone to know how much their volunteer time, contributions, and efforts make a difference.  A huge thanks to everyone that donated to the NFCT Trail Fund and those who are following the NFCT Auction  right down to the wire.  I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!