Our Mission

Mission Statement

We promote and steward our water trail and support communities, waterways and paddling across the Northern Forest.

Click here to read our 2020-2022 Strategic Plan.

Our Vision

An unrivaled network of paddling opportunities across the Northern Forest will inspire ongoing experiences and stories, enticing people to fall in love with the region. Their passion and commitment will contribute to the health of our communities, landscapes and waterways.

Our Values

Our community of paddlers, staff, directors and partners upholds a commitment to these values:

HISTORY: We are inspired by the deep human history of the Northern Forest, by the Indigenous Peoples who established the routes we steward and by those who continue to work and travel on the land to this day.

INCLUSION: We believe everyone should have access to the outdoors and feel welcome in the outdoor community.

CONNECTION: We create opportunities to connect people and the environment in order to protect the places and relationships that sustain us.

COLLABORATION: We are passionate about working with others and listening to and including the voices within and beyond our community.

COMMUNITY: We dedicate ourselves to work that strengthens and bridges communities across the Northern Forest and to building a community of paddlers invested in the region.

WILD PLACES: We are fueled by our love of wild places. Whether a park, forest or wilderness river, these places are the reason for our work.