Trail Work

One of NFCT’s primary missions is the responsible stewardship of our 740-mile waterway. This is no easy task. We work with landowners, land managers, volunteers and NFCT staff to ensure that this corridor is available to the public for use.

Our trail director oversees two regional field coordinators. The regional field coordinators support summer stewardship crews and our volunteer trail maintainers. Through these programs, we perform a number of field projects each summer to improve and maintain the trail. Projects range from installing access ramps, to building new lean-tos and campsites, to building composting privies. Many of our projects become Waterway Work Trips, typically weekend events open to volunteers and lead by our stewardship crew members.

We have over 50 maintainers across the trail. Each adopts a segment of the NFCT ranging from 10 to 20 miles. In the spring, trail maintainers open existing campsites, replace trail markers, and inspect access areas and portage paths. Our maintainers visit their trail segment at least twice a year: once to set up campsites and make sure that signage is in place and again to get sites in order for the off season. Trail maintainers receive a trail maintenance manual, trainings, and use of a canoe and tools.

In all that we do, we are committed to supporting an excellent recreational experience, while also contributing to healthy waterways and engaged communities.

If you’d like to support our stewardship work, please donate to our Trail Fund.