Stewardship Crew

Northern Forest Canoe Trail Stewardship Crew

As the only dedicated water trail crew in the Northeast, NFCT’s stewardship crew specializes in projects at the interface of land and water, including campsites, portage trails, and access points. We work with partners to implement projects along the NFCT and throughout adjacent waterways of the Northern Forest.¬†Drawing on our extensive experience working in challenging, ecologically sensitive, and often remote environments, our crew implements practices that are flexible, durable, and innovative.

Our team generally consists of three college age stewardship interns and an experienced crew leader. The crew is equipped to coordinate volunteer work days into projects, providing unique opportunities for community engagement.

The NFCT crew is always seeking new work in the Northern Forest. If you are interested in putting our crew to work on your water trail project, contact Noah Pollock at [email protected]

The NFCT is currently hiring for the 2020 Crew. For more information:

Prior Crew Bios:

  • 2019 (Brian Kohr, Josie Bourne, Laszlo Reed, and Jackson Harp)