Covid-19 and the NFCT

The team at the Northern Forest Canoe Trail continues to track the best public health guidance for being outside during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll be using this page on our website to track advice, tips, best practices and recommendations if you plan on paddling in the coming weeks. Follow the links below for the most current state guidance:

Getting outside and active, even for short periods, is good for your mental and physical health. That said, we’re all in this together, and we must be responsible — avoid crowds, stay close to home, be prepared and be respectful of other people

The COVID pandemic has impacted our spring events, and may impact our summer work trips. Learn more.

We can’t stress this enough: now is not the time to take unnecessary risks while engaging in outdoor activities. Our the healthcare sector is under enormous stress, and we must be responsible.

Click here for a list of medical facilities along the NFCT.

Contact info & other resources

We are always available to provide advice before you paddle. If you have any questions, please contact someone from our team:

Additional resources: