Saranac River Remediation

Temporary River Closure In Plattsburg

Due to a remediation process underway in the City of Plattsburg, paddlers are asked to complete a 1.15 mile carry in the city of Plattsburg. The portage beings 0.5 miles beyond the Catherine Street/Route 22 Bridge (before the footbridge) and ends at the Plattsburgh Public Boat Launch at the end of Green Street.

River remediation work is expected to continue for the duration of the 2021 season. It is expected the river will stay “closed” from May of 2020 through September 30th.

Construction-related concrete barriers and riverwide cables have been part of the project and create true paddling hazards. The take-out is present on a bend, river left, .5 miles beyond the Catherine Street/Route 22 bridge. A small landing area with steps leads up to the Saranac River Bike Trail and Pine Street. The portage route takes you past a police station and middle school following Pine Street to Broad Street. Turn right, crossing over the Broad Street bridge. Turn left (north) on Peru Street/Highway 9 to Bridge Street. Cross Bridge Street to Green Street. Green Street is slightly right of the Peru and Bridge Street intersection. The road lies between two red brick buildings and leads to the NFCT kiosk and Green Street boat landing.