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On Saturday, June 25, nearly 80 people canoed, kayaked, and cycled—along with one paddle boarder and one runner—in the Missisquoi River Paddle-Pedal in Richford, Vermont. The 6.5-mile river paddle and 4.5-mile ride on the adjacent Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail occurred beneath a bluebird sky and amidst lush, early summer green. Despite low water in some spots causing boaters to navigate around gravel bars (or hop out to push boats over them) it was a scenic race enjoyed by participants aged from preschool to retiree.

MissisquoiPaddlePedal_JimFredericks_first.zipEntered in the kayak/solo canoe male class, Jim Fredericks was the first finisher with a time of 1:16:27. The second place finisher was Joann Hanowski with a time of 1:24:44 in the kayak/canoe solo female class, and Daniel Voisin finished third with a time of 1:26:30 in the kayak/solo canoe male class.

The event was co-hosted by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and the Northern Tier Center for Health, and sponsored by the American Canoe Association, Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail, Richford Conservation Commission, RiseVT, and The Jay Cloud Cyclery. We thank Grey Gables Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Montgomery Adventures and the Richford River Fest for their invaluable support, as well as Russ Ford, Scott and Susan Staples, rail trail volunteers, and NFCT interns for their help in running the event.

We also thank our Richford Trail Town Committee, comprised of local leaders and NFCT staff, who help with key logistics for this annual event as part of our continuing efforts to promote outdoor recreation in northern Vermont.

See results and photos below.


Kayk/Solo Canoe Male
Jim Fredricks 1:16:27
Daniel Voisin 1:26:30
EH Roy 1:27:51
Sterling Ford 1:34:55
Robert Beaudry 1:45:32
Kent Ford 2:10:18
Kayk/Solo Canoe Female
Joann Hanowski 1:24:44
Sandy Roundy-Lane 1:46:57
Melissa Hango 1:50:50
Monique Beaudry 2:00:14
Bryn Oaklead 2:00:38
C2 Male
Peter Malley & Michael Malley 1:28:18
C2 Female
Kaitlyn Hayes & Nora Oliver 2:05:31
C2 Mixed
Russ Ford & Charon Fegard 1:39:31
Community Team
Lianne Trombley 2:14:06
Marijella Collins 2:14:06
Alan Flint 1:48:19
Nathaniel Flint 1:48:20
Chris Jessiman 2:28:01
Eric Jessiman 2:30:37
Neal Sand 1:28:08
Clyde & Carol Yarnell 1:32:02
Mike Mashtare 1:42:13
Recreational Class
Bruce Lindwall 1:36:26
Laurie Gullion 1:37:50
Erik Townsend 1:51:45
Maxanne Most 2:04:27
Stephen Bernard 2:05:15
Jeanne Keller 2:05:18
Erwin Cohen 2:09:45
Dana Farr 2:09:45
Isiah Greenwood 2:10:59
Martin Vallender 2:11:57
Joe Vallender 2:11:59
Candice Hobrook 2:14:30
Jen Cotton 2:14:32
Sheila Halpin 2:15:41
Cully Thomas 2:15:58
Karrie Thomas 2:15:59
Marijke Russo 2:29:27
Hannah Loiselle 2:30:49
Devin Loiselle 2:31:07
Michael Loiselle 2:31:09
Valerie Ugro 2:33:21
Mnda Hutchins 2:33:24
Don Hayes 2:34:26
Katrina Mojzesz 2:34:28
Marianne Signorino 2:38:11
William Peterson 2:40:52
Elliot Burg 2:42:05
Michael Levine 2:42:08
Cindy Cook 2:42:09
Elsabeth Barnes 2:42:10
Carolyn Goodwin Kueffner 2:42:38
Matthew Kelleher 2:42:40
Paul Ohlson 2:46:15
Julie Magoon 2:51:44
Phillip Paull 2:53:27
Mary Jane Ohlson 2:54:23
Dan Lynch 3:02:33
MissisquoiPaddlePedal2016_Waiting for race to start
Participants watch the start.
Racer start for kayak/solo canoe classes.
This year, participants could choose to enter to race or go at a recreational pace.
Transitioning from paddling to cycling.
Ready to ride the the rail trail.
Crossing the finish line on the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail.
Teammates of a Community class pose in Davis Park.
Richford River Fest goers explore the Missisquoi River Basin Association’s river simulator.