Row, row, row your boat

By Michelle Davis

Hey again,

I’m back from my third and final week on the Moose River.  Its funny to see the changes in the river over just three short weeks.  My first trip we had very high water and by this week, it was very low.  I’ve come to know the river pretty well over the past few weeks, and have enjoyed my time on it immensely.  The trips seem to blur together- campsites, bugs, rapids, portages, weather, all a blur.  I’ve gotten very good at flipping steaks, flinging slugs off of my tent, and hoisting elaborate tarps. But when I sit down and think, the kids are what have made each trip so different.

The past two weeks were strikingly different in the way of personalities, and group dynamics, but equally enjoyable all the same.  There’s been the quiet kid who shocked us in the cabin at Holeb Falls telling stories and delivering Bill Engvall skits just as good as the comedian himself.  There’s been the girls who charm us with their smiles and then shock us with their burps.  We’ve had the savvy outdoorschildren and the not so savvy but very willing and curious.  What’s amazed me about all of the groups we’ve had so far is how well they all get along.  I’m not sure they’d all get along this well back home in Jackman or Stratton, but they’ve all been encouraging, accommodating and supportive with each other.  A very refreshing atmosphere to be in.

I was sad to say goodbye to the Moose River, my home for the past three weeks. (I’d recommend the trip to anybody in a heartbeat!)  But in the spirit of new things, I’m excited to explore Flagstaff Lake this week.  We’re taking our final group of Northern Forest Explorers out on a trip that they won’t soon forget, and it sounds like we’re going to have some sunshine to go with it. Cross your fingers for us!

Oh! Before I forget, there HAS been a moose sighting! Not, of course, on the Moose River (that would be way too easy) but on a logging road near The Forks, Maine.  A nice big cow crossed the road and let me watch her for a minute or so before moseying back into the woods.  My summer is complete. I’ve also been lucky enough to see a few beavers, an otter, bald eagles, owls and (count ’em) seven loons all in one group.

Enjoy the week!