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Buy maps individually, for a region, or get the entire 13-map set. All maps include campsites, portages, rapids, useful phone numbers, and of course are waterproof.


Let us be your guide for your trip on the NFCT for a day, weekend or longer. Our books share the details you need to have a successful journey, as well as the history and images of this magnificent waterway.


Want NFCT gear? Order our logo wear directly from Maine Camp Outfitters.

Signature Paddle

The paddles are handmade in Maine by Shaw & Tenney, crafters of wooden marine products since 1858, and the NFCT paddle is their popular Penobscot model. It’s both responsive on the water and tasteful art to decorate your home. We are fortunate to be a part of Shaw & Tenney’s Signature Paddles collection and receive a donation from them whenever our paddle is ordered.

Paddling Film Festival Tickets

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail hosts screenings of Rapid Media’s Paddling Film Fest World Tour every spring. We are excited to be able to share the year’s best paddling films with you.


The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is a member-supported, non-profit organization. Member dues allow us to carry out our mission so you have inspiring outdoor experiences in the Northern Forest Region.