Where has all the time gone?

By John Little, Missisquoi River Basin Association

Hi all! I can’t figure it out. Things keep happening to me, and I don’t have enough time to sit down and write about it. What do the professional bloggers do? Hire someone to do it for them, or do they just sit and write about life instead of living it. I’m going to summarize the highlights of the past few weeks, and keep it simple. 

  1. I’m very excited to see the stuff about Montgomery, VT on the NFCT web site. Why? Because it is my town. There is another place to eat in town (actually up the road to Jay Peak) called the Belfry. More good eats. People as me why I don’t go out to places in Newport or St. Albans, and the fact is that I’d rather stay in the neighborhood where I can be home quickly after a great dinner.  There’s no bad eats in town.
  2. While sitting on a bridge over the Missisquoi last week with a couple friends, we looked down through a foot of water and watched a Snapping Turtle swimming slowly up stream to pass under us. It was using the eddies behind the rocks to make its trip up stream easier, and only fighting the current when it had to pass between them. Very cool! Who says you have to take a canoeing class to learn about eddies?
  3. My college’s alumni magazine (PORTRAITS – by St. Anselm College) came up to learn more about me and do an article. It was a great excuse to get out on the river after school one day, and before school the next morning.  ANY EXCUSE TO GET OUT OF SCHOOL! It’s not just the kids who like to get out of the building. If it hadn’t been for them, I wouldn’t have made the effort to get the big old wood stripper out. I’m going to have toask them if I can post a couple of the photos here on the blog site, but I’m goign to need Kate to help me with that highly technical chore.
  4. ROCK ART BREWERY is now producing a recipe I developed 10-15 years ago. It is called Pumpkin Imperial Spruce Stout  (aka- PISS) , and is available in 22 oz bottles with a bright orange and black label. Matt Nadeau (owner and brew master) did a great job. It wasn’t easy to take a 5 gallon recipe and turn it into a reality for 650 gallons. He did however succeed and I’m excited to see my name in fine print on the label. Little things can make a big difference in our lives- I’d prefer not to analyze that tooooo much though. At any rate, it can be found on the market in a few places, but you can also go to the brewery in Morrisville on Friday afternooons and saturdays to taste it or buy it directly.   This beer I designed to sit in my knap sack during a day of back country skiing at -10 degrees and not gel. It is 8% and is best shared with others. Well, I’ve got to get moving. I’m goign to meet Matt at the brewery this afternoon for a photo and to answer questions for the St. Albans Messenger.  They will be putting an article up in the next few days.