Allagash Dreams

By Kate Williams

One month ago today the Williams and Jamieson families set out from Chamberlain Bridge on a 7-day journey to Allagash Village.  I guess a month ago would be considered ancient history in the blogosphere, so forgive me.  But I find myself reflecting fondly on that trip, which I never managed to write about in the hustle and bustle of our return, so a short post now as my thoughts reach back to our great adventure.

In our party were 4 adults, 4 children age 10 and younger, and two canoes.  It was, quite simply, an amazing trip.  The rainy weather pattern broke for us, and we enjoyed mostly sunny paddling days, relatively low winds, beautiful views, 13 moose (my son keeps wanting to add a moose or two with every telling…), 4 bald eagles, and more.  Thanks to the State of Maine for managing this resource, and to the resource itself for its lasting beauty.

022My daughter, age 10, taking a spin on calm waters on Chamberlain Lake

056The whole crew at our campsite on Eagle Lake

146A family boat on the Allagash River

147I’m happy to report that this kind of peacefulness stays with you, even a month out….