Consider a Weekend Walk

By Kate Williams

In 2006, Paul Schneider wrote an article about the Northern Forest Canoe Trail that appeared as the cover story of the Travel section of the Sunday New York Times.  Not only did this represent an arrival of sorts for NFCT (it did), but it also left us with some of the choicest quotes a trail organization could hope for:  NFCT, wrote Paul “may be the most important thing to happen to the northern eco-tourism trade since the invention of gorp.”

So, when Paul asked me this spring to contribute to the new active travel blog he is creating, how could I say anything but a resounding yes?!  Weekend Walk proposes that “a lifetime of adventure lies within a day’s walk of anywhere.”  I can get behind that, especially since I know that Paul and his compadres don’t take the verb “walk” too literally.  Paddling makes the cut, and I am happy to do what I can to help share with the weekend-walking world adventures that can be found at the stroke of a paddle.  My blog posts will largely focus on NFCT, which is the source of its own lifetime of adventures.  But I’d love to include your stories and destinations in my posts as well, so please let me know what sojourns or beautiful places your paddle has taken you (and that you are willing to share).  Thanks.