Kennebago Lakes and River

Little Kennebago Lake, Kenebago Lake, and the Kennebago River offer fine day tripping in the forests northwest of Rangeley, Maine. The trick in knowing where to obtain access. In the summer, a short 3.75-mile paddle along the river is great for families. It features wonderful views and the feeling of being away from civilization. This stretch is becoming a popular paddle for visitors to the Rangeley area, with outdoor adventure services offering day trips and shuttle services. The lakes, even more remote and secluded, are a perfect day trip for those seeking to get away from the region’s big lakes but preferring not the “set shuttle.”

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Trip Details

  • Miles: 3.75
  • Trip Portages: None
  • Put In: River Trip: Steep Bank Access: A turn off of ME 16 onto Boy Scout Road on the right driving west from Rangeley. Follow the dirt road up for about 2 miles where there will be a sign on the left for a boat launch. There are a number of steep steps down to the river to put-in as well as an outhouse slightly farther down the road.
  • Take Out: ME 16 Bridge: Driving west from Rangeley on ME 16 there is a bridge that crosses over the Kennebago River. On the left of the road, just before the bridge is a gravel pull-off. There is a dirt path that leads down to a sandy beach.
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