Missisquoi River: Raboin Farm Access to Lane Road Access

This ½ day paddle will take you through beautiful mixed forests and lush open fields. It offers some great views of the northern Green Mountains, while providing an adventure through some quick water sections. The Heart of Mary Rapids offer a class II challenge, doable by an advanced beginner/intermediate paddler. On the approach, you can scout on river-right. If you are uncertain about the rapids, portage on the same side. Following the gorge, the river opens to a pool, which would be a nice place to stop, sit on the rocks and go for a swim. This reach has improved access on both the Lowell and Lane Road access points.

The upper Missisquoi River is part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. Wild and Scenic rivers are federally protected and funded to ensure the special historic, environmental, and recreational features designated by local communities are maintained. Land along the Missisquoi is privately held or owned by local communities. The Upper Missisquoi and Trout Rivers Wild and Scenic Committee oversees the management of the waterway.

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  • Miles: 8.1
  • Put In: 1
  • Take Out: 1
  • Services:
    • Missisquoi River: Raboin Farm Access to Lane Road Access
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