Lake Memphremagog: Eagle Point Overnight

Eagle Point provides a beautiful and isolated primitive campsite on the eastern side of Lake Memphremagog, near the Canadian border. The campsite is a part of the Eagle Point Wildlife Management Area, which is owned by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, but managed by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. 

Johns River Ramp is the closest access to this lesser known campsite, which is only accessible by boat. This two-mile paddle starts at the Johns River Ramp in the Johns River and immediately passes under the low Newport Bikepath bridge. The river takes a bend through an intriguing marshland until emptying into Lake Memphremagog. Follow the eastern shore and head north toward, but not past, the Candian border. Along the way, you’ll enjoy intimate views of Bell, Black, and Cove Island. Continue past these islands to find the campsite’s small cove marked with a simple camping sign.

On shore, this sign points you up the short trail to the campsite, which is tucked inside a hemlock forest. Limiting your foot traffic to the cove, trail, and campsite will help prevent erosion and protect this special area. The campsite was built by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in 2013 and includes 3 tent platforms and a privy. Utilizing these tent platforms will help plants thrive and keep the area as beautiful as you found it. In order to protect the soil and plant’s health, there are no fires allowed at this campsite. Instead of a campfire, enjoy the campsite’s amazing sunsets by the water.

Lake Memphremagog endures harsh weather and rough water. Winds and waves can quickly become dangerous. Make sure to check the weather before setting out. 

NFCT Map 5 will be valuable as you explore Lake Memphremagog.

Trip Details

  • NFCT Section: Section 6
  • Miles: 4
  • Put In: From Darling Hill Rd, head North on N Derby Rd, turn West down a short gravel road just 0.2 miles past Roberts Drive and right before N Derby Rd crosses the Johns River. At the end of the short gravel road, you’ll find a small parking lot, access to the Newport Bikepath and a boat launch into Johns River.
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    • Lake Memphremagog: Eagle Point Overnight
  • Trail Features
    • Eagle Point - Campsite (No Fee)