Meet our 2020 interns!

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail’s summer stewardship and mapping work is in full swing. This work would not be possible without the support of our two internship crews.

Under the supervision and guidance of NFCT Stewardship Director Noah Pollock and Crew Leader Matthew Entwistle, our interns work across the Northern Forest region on stewardship projects that enhance access and protect waterways from environmental degradation. A second team of interns focuses on developing maps, itineraries and videos — updating details for existing sections of the canoe trail and side trips, as well as exploring new terrain off the beaten path so paddlers can easily find their route.

Matthew Entwistle, Crew Leader

Matthew Entwistle is this year’s crew leader. With over 10 years of experience in outdoor recreation and trail maintenance, Entwistle brings a combination of sweat equity and leadership development to the position. Hailing from Kittery, Maine, he’s worked as an instructor with Grain Surfboards in York, Maine, and as a guide at the Durango Dog Ranch and a field supervisor for the Southwest Conservation Corps, both headquartered in Durango, Colorado.

Clara Silverstein, Stewardship Team

Clara Silverstein grew up in central Massachusetts and is a student at UMass Amherst, where she studies natural resources conservation. She is interested in waterway conservation and is always open to a conversation about your favorite fish. She spends her free time hiking, rock climbing and canoeing around New England. She’s super excited to learn more about canoe trail stewardship and paddling the NFCT, and looks forward to working with the trail community.

Rebecca Etman, Stewardship Team

Rebecca Etman hails from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont, where she studies parks & recreation and forestry at the University of Vermont. Rebecca loves to ski, run, admire trees and create art. She’s stoked to get out in the field this summer and help build a community with the NFCT crew and all those she meets along the way.

Ernesta McIntosh, Stewardship Team

Ernesta McIntosh is from Lincoln, Vermont, and a junior at the University of Vermont. She’s majoring in environmental studies and minoring in parks, recreation and tourism. She loves skiing, biking, hiking and spending time in the mountains. This summer she’s looking forward to being on the water and giving back to the NFCT.

Cameron Larnerd, GIS Team

Cameron Larnerd was born and raised along the Susquehanna River in New York. Cameron fell in love with the outdoors while playing in the Adirondack Mountains as a young boy. On his way to becoming an Eagle Scout, Cameron learned the significance of enjoying recreational lands sustainably. He graduated from SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry, receiving a bachelor of science in natural resources management with a focus in recreation resource and protected area management. In addition to guiding backpacking and caving trips, Cameron recently came off the road as a Leave No Trace traveling trainer. He loves helping others enjoy and preserve the outdoors and is thrilled to be back on the road and working with the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. 

Benjamin Russell Dohan, GIS Team

Benjamin Russell Dohan is from Lexington, Massachusetts, but has spent much of the past four years in Vermont at Middlebury College, where he is about to enter his last semester. He studies geography, and in his free time enjoys sailing with the Middlebury race team, Nordic skiing and baking elaborate challahs. He has always been passionate about environmental conservation and spent the last three summers working for the Massachusetts Audubon Society as a camp counselor. 

Parker Layton, GIS Team

Parker Layton, originally from Minnetonka, Minnesota, currently lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where he attends the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and studies applied saxophone performance, environmental science and geography. Parker is passionate about skiing, music, camping, paddling and anything that gets him outdoors and exploring new areas. He’s excited to see the northeast and work on projects that will provide the public with information to help inspire trips out in nature.