Mud Season in July!

By Walter Opuszynski

Once again the NFCT Stewardship Crew was out at the Rangeley Lakes Regional Logging Museum in full force, and once again we won the coveted Parade Prize.  The crew was working on the freshly installed Gull Pond Stream Trail from July 27-31st, with a Waterway Work Trip taking place on the weekend.  James Naughton was the leader of the week and here is what he would like to share about the experience:

Getting ready for a week in Rangeley Maine! James Blakeley loading up cedar 2 X 8 for bog bridging to be made on the Gull Pond Stream Trail at Rangeley Lake Region, Logging Museum.

Notice the beautiful utility/canoe trailer.  This was refurbished and donated by the Hille Family in honor of Tony Hille and the Life School.  Follow this link to see the amazing transformation and hard work that was put into this trailer.

A lot of work ahead of the Roving Crew and our Volunteers!
James Blakely and Anna Cady making headway down the trail, go Sledge Master!
Everyone working hard, looking great!
There is no stopping for these guys, let’s move some rocks while we’re at it!
What a great looking bunch! Nice Job Everybody!

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail was busy this weekend, we were able to watch a great logging festival including pulp toss, and cross cut races; all while working on knocking out 10 bog bridges to help keep paddlers out of the mud. Not only did we make some great bog bridges we also placed first in the Local Parade for our float, Mud Season.  What a great group of volunteers to make this weekend my favorite.  A special thanks to Steve, Robert, Chip, Steve, Erin, Christy and even the GIS crew Max and Brendan for sticking around!

For a peek at the making of this year’s award winning float and a video snippet of the parade promenade follow this link:

Parade Pictures and Video