NFCT Donor Challenge – Success!

Kate Williams, January 10, 2012

Thumbs up from NFCT Through Paddlers Nicole Grohoski and Tommy Perkins. Photo by Pam Perkins.

Thank you, NFCT members and friends, for – once again – helping us to attain an amazing milestone:  You contributed more than $50,000 during 2011, in new or increased donations. An anonymous donor honored your contributions by giving an additional $25,000 when we crossed the $50,000 mark.  Truly amazing, and both the sum and the spirit with which it was given makes an enormous difference for an organization such as ours where we put every dollar to work for the Trail

Thank you for believing in the value of water trails.  Thank you for your passion for paddling.  Thank you for your confidence in our staff and the mission work we are committed to delivering at the highest level of quality.  Thank you for believing that we can collectively make the world a better place by forging real connections between people of all ages and the natural world.  Thank you for choosing to support NFCT at a time when we know dollars are tight and needs are many.

We are very grateful, and we look forward to honoring your generosity with high quality work and excellent outcomes in 2012 and beyond.  Onward!