Paddlesport Instruction Day in Saranac Lake

Outfitters, guides and instructors are hosting a full day of clinics in the Saranac Lake area on Saturday, June. Most clinics are at Lake Colby. Deadline for registration is Friday, June 8 at noon. Check out the course offerings below.

Morning Clinics 9:00 a.m. –11:00 a.m.

Pack Boat Clinic

Instructor: Doug Fitzgerald, NYS Licensed Guide with Broadwing Adventures. Description: In 1863 J. Henry Rushton built the Wee Lassie canoe for writer, George Washington Sears, aka Nessmuck, who then set off to explore the Adirondacks. Since that time numerous versions of this classic lightweight boat have been produced. Its design has been the inspiration for many of the modern solo canoes now in use. This clinic will give participants the opportunity to try a variety of solo canoes designed to be paddled with a double blade. Instruction to improve paddling strokes and boat handling will also be offered, these skills will be helpful to those that already own a solo canoe or kayak. A limited number of solo canoes, paddles and PFDs will be available, but participants are encouraged to bring their own if they have them

Outfitting Your Kayak for A Multi-day Trip

Instructor: Anne Brewer, owner Placid Waters Kayaking, Guide with Adventures in Good Company, NYS Licensed Guide, American Canoe Association certified kayak instructor level 2.
Description: Kayaking the Adirondacks is a great way to explore and experience the amazing waterways throughout the park. Combing kayaking and camping can make the
adventure even better. This hour-long clinic will give participants a-hands on look at how best to outfit and pack your kayak for a multiday camping adventure. You will be
surprised to see just how much gear your kayak can comfortably hold while still being efficient on the water. See the latest in dry bags that help make packing your gear more

Tandem Canoe Paddling Clinic

Instructors: Jim and Jennie Sausville. The two are veteran race and recreation paddlers, and Jim is an NFCT thru paddler has 20 years of experience teaching paddling at the
college level.
Description: Learn how to maneuver a two-person canoe more efficiently, communicate
with a partner, and have fun on a slalom course.

Afternoon Clinics 1:00 p.m. –3:00 p.m.

Intro to Solo Swift Water Canoeing Techniques

Instructor:  Jon C. Norman, NYS Licensed Whitewater Canoe & Raft Guide with
Rocker Guide Services & Adirondack Rafting Co. and American Canoe Association
Level 4 whitewater canoe instructor.
Description:  Instruction will begin with what makes a canoe suitable for swift water and the water features/currents that comprise swift water, followed by a brief safety
discussion. Participants will then get in the boats to work on various strokes and maneuvers. Lastly, clinic will discuss strategies and judgement under varying
circumstances. Four solo outfitted canoes, straight paddles, PFDs, and helmets will be available, but participants are encouraged to bring their own if they have them.
Participants are required to kneel in the boats and will be required to wear helmets. Tandems boaters are welcome.

Intro to Sea Kayaking

Instructor: Robert M. O’Connor, Professor Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Guide Service Manager at Paul Smith’s College. American Canoe Association
Whitewater Instructor, British Canoe Union Paddlesports Instructor, NYS Guide.
Description: Instruction will begin with explanation of boat dynamics, outfitting, paddle design, and sea kayaking equipment. Clinic will then fit boats and equipment and go over
final safety briefing before getting participants out on the water. Once on the water, the focus will be on efficiency with the forward stroke and maneuvering the boat.

Self and Assisted Rescue Clinic

Instructor: Jason Smith, owner of Adirondack Lakes and Trails Outfitters and veteran
whitewater paddler and instructor.
Description: Do know what to do if a canoe or kayak flips in the middle of a lake? Have you tried to get back into a submerged boat? Self and assisted rescues are essential skills for
any paddler interesting in paddling safely and confidently in a variety of water and weather conditions. Be prepared to get wet and be floating in the water for some time.


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