Northern New Hampshire Conference on Tourism Scheduled at the Mountain View Grand for November 2nd and 3rd

LANCASTER, NH – Thanks to the collaborative efforts of New Hampshire Grand, the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and the Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network (WREN), the second annual Northern New Hampshire Tourism Conference will take place November 2 – 3, 2011. The event will be held at the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa in Whitefield, and will feature an itinerary of networking opportunities, interactive programming, dynamic speakers and workshops.

The second annual day-long event will be packed with real-world information, seminars, workshops and resources for growing North Country businesses in the tourism industry. Engaging speakers offer unique understandings and perspectives of the challenges facing businesses in northern New Hampshire.

According to organizers, sessions will be facilitated by local experts in the field including Veronica Francis of Notchnet; EJ Powers and Kim Moore of Montagne Communications; Lorna Colquhoun of Great Northern Ink; Alice DeSouza of the Northern Community Investment Corporation; and Colleen Cowette of Silvertech. The conference includes dinner in the Crystal Ballroom and a keynote address by Hermit Woods Winery on November 2nd and lunch and a second keynote address on November 3rd.

"We had such overwhelmingly positive feedback after last year’s conference and we recognize how vital it is to the success of our businesses that this type of event is available in the North Country," said Cathy Conway, vice president of economic development for the Northern Community Investment Corporation. "Our businesses benefit greatly by the ability to collaborate, network and learn about the opportunities that are available to them. By making connections and learning about marketing, communications, and partnership, we believe this forum will continue to be an important asset to North Country businesses."

According to Conway, the Conference will host dynamic, informative workshops designed to help tourism-based businesses network and learn strategies to improve their business practices and help increase revenues. Topics for the workshops include useful tips on website design and search engine optimization, expanding your business, social media marketing, public relations, tracking your advertising, and a marketing materials review.

"We’re really excited to be able to help organize an event of this caliber for the North Country," said Marilinne Cooper, Executive Director of WREN and a co-sponsor of the event. "We’re thrilled that we’ve managed to keep it extremely affordable so everyone can attend. This promises to be a dynamic conference of learning and networking in one of the White Mountain’s most beautiful locations."

The cost of registration for the November 3rd conference will be $55 (before October 15th) for the day’s activities including a buffet lunch at the Mountain View Grand. For those attending the networking dinner at the Mountain View Grand the night before on November 2nd the cost of dinner is an additional $40.00. After October 15st, the price will rise to $75 for conference attendance and $40.00 for dinner.

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