The Brown Family Provides a Campsite for Missisquoi Paddlers

There will be a new reason to enjoy the outdoors and paddle this summer. The Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) is working with the Brown Family, Town of Enosburgh and Vermont Land Trust to create a primitive campsite for canoeists and kayakers on the Brown’s property located on the Missisquoi River.

View from the new Brownway Campsite

Years ago the Brown Family conserved the 28-acre Brownway parcel to return it to a more natural state, and make it available to the public for recreational use. In 2003, the Enosburgh Conservation Committee began to turn the farmland back to riparian forest by planting 7,000 trees and installing concrete pillars to protect the saplings from ice flows associated with the river. The re-establishment of the forest allowed a nature trail loop to be created which has become a part of the Vermont Trail System.

The long term vision of the parcel also included paddler access and a primitive campsite. NFCT will be able to make this vision a reality thanks to funding from a Conservation and Community Grant from the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership.

This July, NFCT intends to create paddler access to the property and a riverside, primitive campsite including a picnic table, sign-in box, and composting privy. The work will be accomplished by NFCT interns as well as volunteers through the non-profit’s Waterway Work Trip program.

For more details about the project and to how to volunteer visit


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