Taking care of your trail

We can't do this without you

Stewarding the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and inspiring people to paddle on its many waterways represents the heart and soul of our work — but our impact extends much further. We help stimulate local economies, create opportunities for youth to get outdoors, and connect rural communities across the northeast. 

It was an anecdote from one of our summer interns that got us thinking about perhaps the most important aspect of work: access and inclusion.

Reflecting on her summer, Josie Bourne wrote: “I think back to the numerous conversations the crew had as we designed and built projects, keeping in mind how we could best serve not just thru-paddlers portaging up the stairs but also the grandfather and grandson walking down hand-in-hand to go fishing.”

When you support our work, you’re helping us create and preserve opportunities for people from all walks of life to connect with the outdoors. These lakes and rivers belong to all of us, and we’re just as committed to that grandfather taking his grandson fishing as we are the thru-paddlers and weekend warriors who treasure the canoe trail.

Generous individuals like you account for nearly a third of our annual budget — we literally could not carry out our mission without you. We hope you’ll consider a gift to our Mission Fund — every donation has a ripple effect.


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