The Mansonville Kiosk Committee

I would like to introduce you to the newly formed Mansonville Kiosk Committee.

I had the opportunity of sitting down with this group to discuss the process involved in developing an NFCT Kiosk.  After great discussion (I was inspired to look into the French version of Rosetta Stone) the group was excited to get cracking.  Suzanne Montel who has been our main contact with this project has done a great job of helping to get community support and rounding up the core group of the kiosk committee.  The member bring a wealth of energy and knowledge to the table.  Caroline Rioux with the Appalachian Corridor Appalachien has great knowledge of the area’s conservation lands and will help us desribe the  réserve naturelle des Montagnes-Vertes, a large  forest within hiking distance of the NFCT.  Gérard   Leduc brings much insight to the local geology of the area.  Frank Ruiz has a passion and knowledge of the trails and outdoors.  Michael Head and Michel Bastien have great vision for the natural and community resources that will be tied together with the kiosk.  Even before I was halfway through describing the kiosk the group had already devised a list of other people who would be interested in helping and were breaking into sub-committees.  I love the enthusiasm and am really looking forward to the day when we will all be standing around a freshly installed kiosk!

I have a great time every time I head up to Québec.  For me it feels, yes, like a whole different country, and I know-obviously it is.  I’m just astounded that it is just a couple of hours away.  I feel fortunate that the NFCT crosses international waters and gives paddlers the opportunity to tie their trips into just one more cultural gem.  Mansonville is a village in the Township of Potton.


It is a real unique place teeming with French culture and unique stories that I’m sure will find a place on the kiosk.  What we won’t be able to do justice on the kiosk is the coffee and food that you will find.  I treated myself to the Owl’s Bread Bakery , purposely trying to use the French menu to facilitate possibly learning a little of the language.  In the end I may have just pointed and grunted at something with the understanding that what ever came out was going to be quite tasty, and of course it was.

To give a little perspective on how this location fits into the NFCT, the map below shows the proposed kiosk location and Village of Mansonville.  The portage goes right through the heart of the village where you’ll find the bakery, bank, grocery stores, a nice park, and a couple of locations for ice cream.

More detailed information about this area can be found on the NFCT Map Tool, and even more so on the NFCT Map Series Section 5