Map 11 Archived Updates

The state owned Village St Access is now gated. Paddlers can instead use Preo Beach Park

(September 2007) Baker Brook Campsite was improved by Waterway Work Trip volunteers in September, 2007. A picnic table, fire ring, and self-composting toilet were added. Look for it in the pines on a point of land on the left once you’ve entered Baker Brook from Moosehead Lake (north of Rockwood).

(June 2008) Northwest Carry alternative route: paddle up Carry Brook to the snowmobile bridge, then portage on the snowmobile trail to the Seboomook Rd, then down a camp road to Seboomook Lake. The State of Maine recently acquired this land and intends to make improvements to this portage route with signs and a campsite on the Seboomook end of the trail.

(June 2013) The trail from Boom House to Chesuncook Village has been disrupted by logging operations.  Detour down the main logging road that bisects the trail, and take the first left to the village.

(May 2015) There is a camping fee for Penobscot River and North Maine Woods Inc. campsites along the West Branch of the Penobscot River. Paddlers can pay for these camping fees through one of several ways described in this Info Sheet. Payments can be made by cash or check only.

(Summer 2020) North Maine Woods Inc. now offer online registration for land use fees north of Moosehead Lake, on both NorthWoods and state lands. Please send your draft itinerary of overnight camping locations, along with expected dates, to [email protected], and you will receive a response indicating the total fees which you may pay by telephone. You can also call the North Maine Woods office at 207-435-6213 if you have questions.